Things to Know About Boat Rental in San Diego

Are you looking for a boat rental in San Diego? Whether it’s a day sail to relax, a night cruise for two, or even a sunset wedding on the water, there are several boating companies in the area to meet your needs.

This article lists the different types of boats available for rent, where to find them, and what kinds of rates you can expect.

San Diego is famous for its beaches, marine sports activities, and exceptional scuba diving. Choosing a good boat rental business is not complicated with the number of operators in San Diego.

Types of San Diego Boat Rental Options

There are many different boat rental options in San Diego. The following are some of the most popular:

Yacht Rentals

San Diego is home to various yachts available for rent. You can rent a yacht for a day sail or even an overnight stay on the water.

These yachts can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 100 people, and some even have a grill on board for cooking.

If you are planning an event, birthday party, or anniversary, renting a yacht can make the event even more memorable.

Jet Skis and WaveRunners

If you are looking for a smaller boat rental in San Diego, jet skis or water scooters are another popular boat option. You can rent them for several hours or overnight, depending on your preference.

WaveRunners are similar to jet skis and offer an exciting water experience for up to 3 people. These boats offer an exhilarating ride at a reasonable price and are perfect to rent in groups.

Ski Boats

These powerboats are the perfect choice for speed lovers. If you want to experience the thrill of high-speed cruising in Mission Bay, consider renting a ski boat.

You may also want to try wakeboarding or water skiing on these boats. In addition to the boat rental, skis and life jackets are included, so you and your friends can have even more fun on the water.

Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is a flat-bottomed boat that floats on flotation devices called “pontoons.” 

The large reserve buoyancy can allow designers to build extensive deck plans complete with lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads.

San Diego has a wide selection of pontoon boats perfect for partying on the water. They are ideal for any size party with friends and family members.

Craig Cat Boat Rentals

Everything is about fun in San Diego, and it’s time to unleash your fun side!  Craig Catboat rentals in San Diego offers a high adrenaline experience with these high-speed boats.

With speeds of up to 30 mph, your adrenaline will be pumping as water passes by at high speed.

Catalina Sailboat Rentals in San Diego

Sailboats are available for rent in San Diego. They may come with a professional captain, but if you want to sail the boat yourself, you can do so by getting your license at the local marina and renting a bare boat.

They offer special rates and packages depending on the kind of activity or event you plan to organize.

How to Choose a Boat Rental Company in San Diego

Many companies provide boat rental services in San Diego. However, to get the best service and rates, you need to do your research carefully before choosing a company.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a boat rental service provider in San Diego:

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

The United States law requires boats operating in US waters to have specific certificates. A boat operator must be adequately trained, licensed, tested for drugs and alcohol, and maintain up-to-date insurance. Therefore, when looking for a boat rental service provider, you need to check whether they have the required documents.

Types of Boats Operated

A company’s access to different types of boats can affect the rates it charges. A service provider who can only utilize smaller boats may rent them at a lower price than larger boats with higher rental costs because of their high fuel consumption.

Customer Service

You need to check customer reviews about a company’s services and rates before choosing them for your boat rental needs. If you are organizing an event or an activity involving water, you should contact the company early enough to help you plan accordingly.

The Rates

The rates for boat rentals are based on the type of boat, the time required to rent it, your age, and other factors.

Find more information about boat rental companies in San Diego by checking their official websites for details about the boats and rates.

Boat captain

It is essential to know that a boat captain is different from a crew member. There are specific qualifications that a person must have before they become a boat captain.

To become a boat captain, it is required by law to get an official captain’s license from the United States Coast Guard. There are also other requirements for obtaining the license. The individual must also be of the required age and in excellent physical condition.

How much do boat rentals cost in San Diego?

The cost of renting a boat is dependent on several factors. The following are some of the factors that affect the price:

Type of Boat

The type of boat that you wish to rent can affect the rates. Some boats are more expensive than others because they are faster or have unique features.

Time Period

The time you wish to rent the boat can also affect the rates. A longer rental period will cost more than a shorter one.


Self-renting a boat is relatively more expensive than hiring it from a company that will engage the services of an experienced boat captain. The rates may also be affected by the person’s experience renting the boat.

When you use the type of boat as a factor, the average cost for a boat rental in San Diego for up to 8 people is $175/hr.

You can get better deals on boat rentals if you book your trip with Samara Yacht Rentals in San Diego.


San Diego is a beautiful place to visit. Your visit could be even better if you have access to water activities during your stay.

To enjoy the best boat rental services, you need to choose wisely by checking out different companies that provide boat rental services in San Diego.

Many companies provide boat rental services in San Diego. However, to get the best service and rates, you need to do your research carefully before choosing a company.

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